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Another day, another dig

Let's see, this morning I went to the garden center, list and cash in hand. Shopping without my son is not as fun, but it is easier to take the time to FIND all the things on the list. :P

So now I have the rest of what I need to roof over the chicken pen (finally!) and finish chick proofing the bottom half, as well as a plunger to replace the one the gnomes ran off with.

I also got what I needed to plant blueberries. Four varieties: Alapaha, Premier, Tifblue, and Climax (hehe, climax, heh). All rabbiteyes, so they should cross-pollinate.They are now planted in 4' x 4' beds in the side yard, with plenty of organic peat mixed in to the soil. As soon as I finish testing the soaker hose there, I'll mulch over it, and take pics.

I've laid out and tested the soaker hose for one of the south side beds, but I've got it weighted down and am waiting for the sun to soften it up and unkink it before I mulch over it. Otherwise it will be like playing whack a mole.

I built the 2X6 bed for the zucchini and squash and got those put in, thick layer of leaves and then a layer of the bark mulch over that. No soaker hose there cuz there is no easy way to do it, but the hose I use for the chickens is close enough to use if I need more water, and mostly I can just use the rain barrel across the walk from the bed and transfer via watering can.

Imma say it again: I built that! TADA!  All by myself! :D

I also laid a soaker hose from the rain barrel in the front along that bed (ornamentals for now) and mulched over it. I think it looks pretty good. :)  There was about 25' of hose left after I went across and back, so I ran it between the fence and the house below the top level of the foundation. Keeping that dirt near the foundation moist is a not bad thing...especially since that area tends to get the brunt of both southern sun exposure and the a/c unit being right there....

I actually can't get the whole thing in the picture, because this bed runs the entire front of the house (at least, all of the front that doesn't have concrete against it).

At this point, the only plants not getting rain barrel water will be the two big beds on the south side, and the garden boxes. I may re-rig the rain barrel near the garden boxes ...I just haven't decided the best way to do that...or maybe I should just add a second barrel there, which would make that much simpler. hhmm....

Bonus pic: clearance arugula. abandoned 50 cent greens. They just want to be salad, that's all they ask. And they were trying so hard, putting out new leaves despite getting stuck on their sides amid the unclaimed geraniums.

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