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We're planting in the rain, just planting in the rain!

Let's see, I updated after Thursday's planting, so...

Saturday I covered the new plants with various plastic and glass containers. I ran out before I'd covered everything, so I used light covers to support the plants I then put a comforter over. It worked, but now I need to clean my comforter, and I've come to the conclusion there is a reason all the gardening books end up mentioning plastic gallon jugs. I had a vinegar jug and yup, that was by far the simplest.

So I've put out word that I need plastic jugs, and it looks like I should be able to collect enough to have a frost-cover collection soon. I'll just keep it stacked with the garden stuff, which will make these things easier. :)

Sunday all I did was check things and tend chickens, then Monday it was back to work.

I put a few more plants in the ground, a couple of Homestead tomatoes (I've heard good things) and a few banana peppers. Then added another layer of mulch to the garden boxes. I've pulled out the soaker hoses and once they uncurl a bit I'll be putting them in the side beds and adding another layer of mulch to those. Before that I should really find the courage to use my drill on the masonry and put in the support for the faucet divider. :S

(btw Gryphynshadow: I looked up the mulch thing, I think it may be sawdust you were thinking of that leaches mention of that in my text for bark mulch....if I'm wrong, can you link me?)

Today it has been drizzling warm rain on and off since before I woke up, so I decided it was bulb day. I transplanted the tulips that have been living on my dining table, and then went to work clearing the bed where the zucchini and squash are going.

It has great soil, is in the garden half of the back yard, and is next to the fence that separates the living and working spaces, so the trellis for them to climb is already present. Not a huge amount of sun, but it is only feet from where the okra was happy in previous years so I think it should be fine...especially once the Big Event folks help me remove the old chicken pen panels.

Problem one: it was full of rocks.

Problem two: it was full of bulbs.

The lady who owned the house before me had beautiful landscaping...lush and inviting, it is still the reason people step onto my gorgeous stone patio (also her doing) from the house and go "I LOVE your backyard!" She was very into bulbs, especially various lilies.

I could not bear to just plant over them, even if I thought that would work. I mean, she might haunt me, it would be so disrespectful.

So I dug them out, carefully lifting from underneath. Wow. The number of them in there was astonishing. Believe me, that is a deep pot I've set them in.

Question, you more experienced garden types:  Some of them look like the one on the left- single bulb, couple of leaves. Some of them look like the one on the right: lots of lumps and lots of leaves, seemingly like multiple bulbs only kind of attached.

My guess is that is what people are talking about when they refer to "dividing their plants" but I'm not sure. Am I supposed to separate the lobes or leave them together when I replant them?

I've put some back in the ground, in the bed close to where they used to be (those that were one bulb) but on the living side of the fence.

...but that still leaves quite a few, especially if those big multi ones are more than one. Anyone want an unidentified bulb that is probably some kind of lily? I have this many left:

Told you it was a deep bowl.

In the process I found two big earth worms,

one in each bed I worked, which I ceremoniously transplanted as well: one to each of the new side beds. They are going to be lonely though, I may have to buy some worms soon. ;)

So now you are caught up. Tomorrow, once I've had confirmation of whether or not I'm getting blueberries while I'm there, I'll head to Lowes (again), and get the boards I need to put in that bed for the baby zucchini and squashes. Maybe this time I'll even remember to look for an indoor clothesline like my mother suggested, so on days like to day I can still dry laundry. :P

Poor homeless babies...

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